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ООО КЗДМ - производство целлюлозы, сорбента. Продажа электродов.

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Welding electrodes and welding wire.

"KZDM", Ltd offers high-quality welding electrodes and welding wire from the best Russian manufacturers at the price of manufacturers. At holiday of electrodes it is provided with all necessary documents. We monthly fill up assortment with new marks of electrodes and welding wire. Delivery of any kinds of electrodes under the order is possible.

In wide assortment electrodes from the best manufacturers of Russia: Joint-Stock Company "the Factory of welding electrodes "SIBES" Tyumen, Open Company "Sudislavskii the Factory of Welding Materials "Roteks", Joint-Stock Company "VEZ-Roteks", Volgodonsk, Open Company "Novooskol'skii an electrode factory".


The prices of manufacturers.

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