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Cellulose / application

Cellulose electrode powder marks E
THAT 5411 - 001 – 71205562 - 2004


Cellulose electrode is used in quality:

an organic component for a covering of electrodes;

burning the additive entered into burnt weights at high temperature (a brick, ceramics). It gives to products air permeability, ease and low heat conductivity;

fine-fibered organic filler for building mixes with the purpose of increase in dimensions of a material and improvement heat shield properties;

organic filler in structure of floor coverings for heat insulation. The product represents a flour from a cellulose-wood fibre (cellulose, thermomechanical weight), is issued as a powder from white up to light-beige color.


Electrode cellulose is delivered in 4 layer paper bags on 20 kgs, should be stored in the dry storehouse protected from influence of an atmospheric precipitation. The product is transported by railway transportation - three, five, twenty ton containers and the car (2-25 tons), motor transport.

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