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Cellulose / certificates

Cellulose electrode marks "E" (wood, bleached, sulphatic, from deciduous breeds).


Electrode e of mark "E" is used in quality:

a component of a covering of the electrodes used at electroarc welding of metals;

the fine-fibered organic filler for building mixes with the purpose of increase in dimensions of a material and improvement a heat insulator of properties;


The product represents a flour from a cellulose -wood fibre (cellulose, thermomechanical weight), is issued as a powder from white up to light-beige color.

Electrode cellulose is delivered in 4 layer paper bags on 20 kgs, should be stored in the dry premises, protected from influence of an atmospheric precipitation.

Manufacture, tests, transportation, storage and application of cellulose powder do not render harmful influence on an environment.

The product is transported by railway transportation - three, five, twenty ton containers and the car (2-25 tons), motor transport.



We offer you cellulose electrode THAT 5411-001-71205562-2004, at the price of 19000 rubles from the VAT for 1 ton. Delivery is made 3 (2.4 tons of cellulose), 5-ти (3.9 tons of cellulose), 20-ти ton (12 tons of cellulose) by containers and the car (2-25 tons of cellulose), or motor transport.


For the conclusion of the contract on delivery we ask to direct to our address (a fax +7 8332 35-10-33, 46-31-04, 46-31-05) the application with the instruction of standard item. At holiday of cellulose it is provided with all necessary documents.


Qualitative certificate on cellulose of mark "E", "P"
The Name of parameters Norm
Mark P Mark E
1. Uniformity of a powder on strainer to the analysis (the rest on a grid), no more than percent the rest on a grid № 05- 0,2
the rest on a grid № 016–12,0
the rest on a grid № 11-0,6
the rest on a grid № 26-15,5
2. Volume 1 gr. A powder at humidity of 7 % cmЗ 2,3 - 3,2 3,0 - 4,5
3. Solubility in 1 % solution caustic sodium no more than % 11 35
4. Humidity of percent, no more 7,0 7,0
5. Ash, no more, % 0,3 1,5


We hope for cooperation.

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